Anonymous asked: Why do you love Cydney?


I love her because she’s Cydney. She’s caring, thoughtful, strong-willed almost to a fault. She’s hardheaded, stubborn, and aggravating. She’s sensitive, loving, warm-hearted, and beautiful. When I look at her, I melt inside. She’s the most gorgeous being I’ve ever seen. She fills my heart with happiness, hope, and anticipation. She makes me laugh and she lets me cry. She calls me a different pet name every day, each one of which makes me smile. She’s the girl I see my forever with. I see my future in her. I see our first jobs, our first home, our first pet together. I see marriage and children and traveling the world. She’s everything my heart can handle. She’s not perfect but she’s absolutely perfect for me, and she loves me for all my imperfections as well. I never doubt her love for me. We’re always on the same page. She makes me want to be a better person. I love her for all she is and all she’s ever been. I love every single thing that makes her the person she is. I love her because she is Cydney.



Had such a lovely day with toalltheirown

We did a photoshoot and I picked her brain on all things LGBT for a few hours.

Look out for the September issue which will have everything from today in it


Anonymous asked: I'm talking to someone who is boring through text and it is really a turn-off and I'm slowly getting uninterested. However, when we are hanging out together it is different and our conversations are great. What should I do?

Have you mentioned this to them?


Anonymous asked: Did you change your last exs name in your video with your mom or did you date another girl with a similar name in Cali as well?

Nope different human. I just dated around the state for awhile it seemed


Anonymous asked: are you and jordan in lurrrve??